IGARSS 2022 Map Design Competition

The theme, type and style of the map, and choice of platform/tools to be used are entirely up to you.

Show us your creativity in cartography!

Aim and Objectives of the Competition

The map design competition will be organized to promote interest in map design and recognize significant advancement of geoscience and related technology in cartography elements.


  • Secondary School
  • Polytechnic Colleges/University

Important Dates:

Entry Deadlines: Submission is open through 15 June 2022. Only one entry per participant will be accepted.

Judging Date: 16 - 30 June 2022

Judging Criteria: The GRSS Outreach Committee will determine the top three in each category. Each of the following elements will be weighted the same with a maximum score of 5 points awarded per element:

  • Accuracy - grammar, punctuation, spelling
  • Design/Layout - logical organization and visual flow of text and graphics
  • Legibility - text font, text size, figures, tables, and graphics
  • Visual Appeal - color coordination, geometry, accents, highlights, use of symbology
  • Effective communication - understandable and concise
  • Effective use of Geographic Information - appropriate use and portrayal of spatial data
  • Originality - unique presentation

Prizes: Winners (three from each category) of the competition will be invited to the IGARSS event including banquet (accommodation and hospitality will be provided).

Submission: Online Submission in IGARSS 2022 Website.

Software: Use of any software is allowed to create your map with the exception of any online map portals such as Google Maps or Bing Maps, due to copyright and permission restrictions.

Map Contest Rules and Regulations:

  • Only one entry is allowed per person.
  • Maps and Winner’s names will be published on the IGARSS 2022 website.
  • Winners will be required to provide a release to use their map image.

Contact Persons:

  • Dr. Alvin Meng Shin Lau: alvinlau@utm.my
  • Prof. Koo Voon Chet: vckoo@mmu.edu.my

Submission form: here